Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Someone asked me to review his website, an online content video sharing portal. Not a paid review but I get hits in return. Yeah I hope so.

Review and promote is two different thing, and this entry is all about my take on the website. So here goes my review. Bear in mind I am IT-literate and I am very fussy!

The name,, probably inspired by the owner's (authors?) first alphabet of his name. Cemana nak sebut, up to you. I think it's catchy, and most importantly memorizable.

The look, two thumbs up from me. I like the color, and I like the layout. Simple. I am not keen for heavy Javascripts and flash/shockwave files. Navigation tab for easier navigation (of course!) and have all the important features in the right place. Search bar at the top center page, navigation tab on the top, additional links at the bottom and side menu with all the right content. Puas hati! Even for novice user pun senang nak guna.

What offers? Well, just like Youtube by Google, offers uploading, watching and sharing video clips in any format. Good eh? Furthermore you could create groups and channels, as well as making new friends (or invite your current ones!).

You could tag your favs VC, or create a VC playlist. Best kan? also have this mailbox features that is very light and simple but could be very useful when we want to communicate with our online buds.

Since is relatively new, there are lots of improvements could be done. But well, give them a chance will ya?

As a user I'd like to suggest these for -

- put your privacy policy and TOU immediately. It is well known that Malaysians love to neglect intelligent rights and property. Put a disclaimer so that will be free from any liability.

- provide a search by category VC button..

- translate into Malay Version.

- be proud! put "made in malaysia" button or image or whatever in the website.


There goes. Please take a look at and register yourself there. Support Malaysian product! (ps: registering yourself is very easy there)


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